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Second Extraordinary Maturity video

I've included high-bandwidth (DSL or cable modem) and low-bandwidth (slow Internet connection) versions. Pick the one that corresponds to your connection speed. They're encoded with Apple's QuickTime. If you don't have the free QuickTime plug-in for your PC or Mac, you can get it here.

Note: these are large files. Regardless of your bandwidth, you may find yourself staring at the QuickTime logo for several minutes before the show begins. You may want to have something available to do while you're waiting. You can speed things up by right-clicking on the video and setting your QuickTime player preferences to Play Movies Automatically.


We use anger as a case study for how to grow up. We contrast three main ways to deal with anger: dumping, suppressing, and appropriate expression. How do you get there? Radical acceptance. What does this mean, and how do you do it?

28 minutes 11 seconds

Second video (high bandwidth)

Click here for the dial-up (low bandwidth) version.

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